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Photo Quest Autumn 2015

Cat RogersPhoto: Cutest Chick Joint Winner Cat Rogers


With extended Award Notes by Paul Healy and a Special Thankyou to All who supplied Entries for The First Annual Autumn Family Flock Photo Quest.

Four members of the SPKAT Executive Team came together last night to judge the many attractive entries for this year’s inaugural Autumn Family Flock Photo Quest.

There were many high quality entries featuring wonderful snaps and studies taken of a great variety of family flocks and pet poultry being loved and kept by many of the people using this page.

For a new competition – one which evolved by accident, in a very short lead time – we were quite surprised and delighted by the response, and will now run the family Flock Photo Quest as an annual autumn event.

For next years Quest, any photographs taken of your birds from July 1 2015 to May 31, 2016. will be eligible, so remember to start snapping, and begin to file and store those photos taken of your pet pullets, broodies, strutting cock birds and new seasons chicks, once the birds have emerged in the spring resplendent in their gorgeous new plumage for the year.

For special tips on what natural feeds to give your fowls, now and through the winter and spring, to provide an extra high gloss finish and iridescent colour which makes all the difference to their looks, as well as to the weathering qualities of their plumage, you can order copies of Paul Healy’s book:”Feeding Your Farm and Garden Flocks” by using the links on this site, or by emailing:

Here are the WINNERS AND COMMENDATIONS in Each Category With Notes by Paul Healy: See photos for the birds and their owners

BEST MOTHER AND CHICKS – Joint First Place to Janelle Larkin and Leanne Charlesworth.

We had a couple of really heartwarming shots of two beautiful silkies, one white, and one fawn and tan, with superb clutches of very healthy, happy looking new hatchlings, and why would they not, having such a wonderful mother as a Silky, to oversee their amazing start to life!

BEST PET – First Place to Helana Brewin and Commendation Awards to Leanne Charlesworth, Michelle Storer, and Samira Parker

The winner of the best “child with pet chook” pic was a very cute shot of a little curly headed toddler looking to share her hairband with a curious, kind old granny hen. It was a charming subject. Four commendation prizes are also awarded to four other really delightful pics of older kids and little ones loving and holding and hugging their most amazing pets. A wonderful gallery of the best reason to keep our family flocks going: not for the eggs, but for the kids!

BEST POULTRY FOOD GARDEN – First Place to Leigh Ruller

The winner was snap of a lovely flock of four Partridge Barnies plucking their daily greens from a tray of wheat sprouts carried into the scratch yard. A great way to bring winter greens to yard bound birds, when its just too wet and muddy in the garden to let them forage!

BEST RECYCLEDCHOOK SHED – Joint First Place to Leanne Charlesworth and Samira Parker.

There were two joint winners in two wonderfully creative and ingenious reinterpreted poultry houses made from a reclaimed outdoor dunny and from a re – imagined kitchen cupboard. There are so many possible subjects for this category, we are hoping to receive many entries, for next year’s competition.

BEST ROOSTER WITH HEN(S) – First Place to Anthony Rowe

This category was won by a stunning photo of a pair of large game making a wonderful pose upon on a rock wall. The birds were in wonderful condition, and really looked the part.

BEST URBAN FLOCK – First Place to Samira Parker with a Commendation Award to Leanne Charlesworth

This award went to a delightful flock of Plymouth Rocks in a native garden setting, and the birds certainly looked to be in fine fettle.

A commendation prize was awarded to wonderful mixed flock of family fowl featured in a rustic shed setting.

COSIEST SITTING BROODY – Joint First Place to Leanne Charlesworth and Ross Thomas.

A couple of really charming photos of sitting sisters were the joint winners of this category. The shot of the two silkies sharing an old dunny bowl as their chosen nesting hollow was just delightful while the image of the Welsummer and Silver Barnevelder sitting side by side, looking so set and determined to share the task, was most impressive.

CUTEST CHICK – Joint First Place to Cat Rogers (two entries) and Melanie Sweeny

A pretty tough category to judge, as – upon reflection – one could say that all new hatched chicks are cute. Three were three joint winners with many oohs and ahs all round the table as each entrancing shot was considered.

MOST ARTISTIC POULTRY PALACE – First Place to Leanne Charlesworth

This prize was awarded to the photo of the reinvented outdoor dunny, and what clinched it as the winner of this second category for poultry sheds was the inspired use of a framed picture hanging above the perch and nesting bowl: home sweet home for the hens!

MOST GORGEOUS GOBBLER – Joint First Place to Jennifer Webster and Kerthy Kimonis-Wharton

Two equally fine studies of big males were the joint winners of this award. One was an imposing large red male and the other was a fine shot of a bronzewing perching high on a fencing rail. A good reminder that the only way to keep full winged turkeys confined is to have their runs netted right over the top.

MOST HANDSOME MALE – Joint First Place to Kerthy Kimonis-Wharton, Anthony Rowe, Leanne Charlesworth and Cat Rogers.

This award was shared between winners offering a varied mix of notable qualities.

The white maned game male offered a striking aristocratic outline which certainly made for an imposing study.

The superbly feathered bright buff and nankeen coloured rooster perching in the Red Flowering Gum was equally impressive.

The mad musician look was awarded to a very impressive Blue male thatched with the very best “Beethoven” head piece: you couldn’t look past it!

PRETTIEST PULLET – First Place to Leanne Charlesworth.

The dual winners of this award were two quite charming and attractive subjects: a gorgeous blue pullet with a really impressive hair do, and a very fine featured female happy to show off her stone blue stockings!

BEST LOVED BIRD – First Place to Michelle Storer

Awarded to the little fella in the blue T shirt hugging his girl just about as close as a boy and his chook can get!

BEST DETAIL PHOTO STUDY – First Place to Cat Rogers

Awarded to the wonderful close up shot of the newly hatched partridge chicks. The miracle of new life in the lens. This photo has been selected as our Group Cover Photo for July.


Awarded to a superb spangled male game with dark coloured female. This was a wonderful photograph, of great artistic merit, depicting its twin subjects in a magnificent pose atop the wall, with all aspects of the image caught with great clarity and depth of detail framed with a beautiful background of foliage and wall all blending in a skilful composition of illuminating light and line and all flowing forms.

Well done then to all who took the trouble to post an entry, and we very confident that this is just the start of what we can see already will become an annual event of ever growing popularity, and a highlight for SPKAT facebook community.

If all of those named in the list above as First Place Winners, Joint Winners and Commendation Award Winners could please supply a mailing address to the executive, your ribbons will be posted out to you. Please email your contact details to