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Broody Book Special Offer

Two Broody Hens For EmailPaul Healy is writing his book “Broody Hens and Backyard Breeding” and is taking pre-orders now for a very limited special first edition of just 100 copies, which will all be signed and numbered sequentially, and made available to new and existing financial members of SPKAT Inc.

This limited first edition of Paul’s Broody Book will retail at $50, but will be available to SPKAT Inc members at the discounted price of $40..

You are most welcome to join The Sustainable Poultry Keepers Association of Tasmania (SPKAT) Inc and support SPKAT so we can continue to help others discover the delight of truly sustainable, all natural, family flock poultry keeping.

To join, please download a Membership Brochure and Application Form at

Associate Membership is $10 pa. Full Voting Membership is $50 pa. Business Membership is $100 pa. Businesses that wish to advertise on this Facebook Group must first join SPKAT Inc as a Business Member.