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November 2014

Thanks so much to everyone who signed this petition, requesting the state government to consult with small egg producers, before introducing legislation to register and regularly inspect flocks, and stamping eggs for sale. The petition is now closed so hopefully the government will soon respond, and small egg producers and their flocks will have a future.

September 2014

A petition signed by over 500 people on Sunday 24 August at the Hobart Farm Gate Market, requesting the State Government consult with small egg producers, went online on 30 Sept 2014 at Egg Regulation Online Petition.

Let’s fully support this petition, as the proposed Tasmanian State Government legislation to mandatorily register and inspect poultry flocks annually and stamp eggs, may adversely affect all egg consumers and may put some small egg producers out of business.

If you wish to retain your ancient right of choice to buy, sell, trade or barter fresh, truly free-range eggs from roadside stalls and farmers markets, we encourage you to sign this online petition before 26 Oct 2014.