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Paul Healy

Paul-workshops-DS_300Paul Healy is a Founding Member of The Sustainable Poultry Keepers Association of Tasmania (SPKAT) Inc. Paul has been growing his own organic family food and breeding poultry for the farm and garden for more than forty years.

Credited with having saved the last surviving line of original heirloom Partridge Dutch Barnevelders, Paul has spent nearly thirty years preserving this rare and beautiful breed of free range fowl. His teaching and writing have helped revive the lost art of breeding true dual purpose, farm and forage flocks kept in the great, nineteenth century, European tradition.

One of the pioneers of the Sustainability movement in Tasmania, the ever popular voice of “Chook Talkback” on ABC local radio, Paul has published his “Good Earth” column in the Mercury Newspaper, every week, for over twenty years. This has recently been transferred online as “Good Earth Uncut”.

Now, at last, Paul is putting together a “Sustainable Poultry Keeping in Australia” Series of books to meet the needs of smallholders, farmers, and backyard poultry keepers. His sensible and sustainable, practical approach is now available to the wider Australian audience.

You can find out more about Paul’s books and his “Good Earth Uncut” column on his webpage  at