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Chook Talkback

Chook TalkbackListen to Sustainable Smallholding Talkback (Chook Talkback) with Paul Healy and Chris Wisbey on 936 ABC Hobart (AM radio) and 91.7 FM in the North, at 10am on the first Saturday of every month, following Gardening Talkback at 9am.

Call him on 1300 222 936 with your poultry, garden, smallholding and farm questions or text them to 0438 922 936, or just listen to the chit chat.

This is Chris with Paul and his beautiful Huon Blue hen Beatrice in the ABC studios.

If you don’t have a radio you can listen to it streaming live at 936 ABC Hobart.

Comments (3/11/12): I live in Maitland in NSW and I live stream ABC Hobart every Saturday morning for Gardening Talkback with Peter Cundall and Chook Talkback with Paul Healy. I love these shows. every week I sit down with a cup of tea and have a ball. My family and I are hoping to move to Tasmania in 2014 and the advice that these guys have given will prove invaluable as we set up our veggie gardens and small farm featuring Barnevelder Chickens. I’m a huge fan. we need to hear Paul Healy more frequently though. He has such a great general knowledge of small holding management. I have found his advice particularly useful.

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