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Application for Membership

Memberships are open to any individuals, families with backyard poultry, smallholders, small businesses, charity organisations and other fundraising groups.

Associate Member (Non-Voting) $10 pa

Full Member (Voting Member) $50 pa.

Business Member (Advertising) $100 pa.

Full Voting Members must be at least 18 years of age.

Children under 18 and adults may be Associate Members.

Businesses wanting to advertise on our Facebook Group must join SPKAT Inc as Business Members first.

Subscriptions will be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting in July, August or September. We will invoice you each year.

Community organisations interested in partnering with us, please email, however please also join as an individual.

Benefits of Membership

  • Newsletter and Weekly Column with problem solving solutions from highly experienced home flock poultry keepers.
  • Newsletter includes a seasonal poultry journal piece, by Australia’s pre-eminent sustainable poultry expert, Paul Healy.
  • Discounts on one day sustainable poultry keeping workshops and books by Paul Healy.
  • Consultations on sustainable poultry keeping at your home or property by Paul Healy.
  • Association meetings, photo nights, social events, photo competitions, poultry shows.
  • Up to date information on poultry keeping issues in the community by Email, Facebook and Webpage.
  • Information on the best poultry breeds suited to South Eastern Australian and Tasmanian conditions.


Download Brochure and Membership Application Form

Membership Brochure and Application Form (PDF)

Please click on one of the above links to download and print out a Brochure and/or Membership Application Form

If you can’t download these forms, please email the Secretary, SPKAT Inc at with your name and contact details.

If your browser is unable to view Acrobat PDF files, you will need to download and install Acrobat Reader. With a slow internet connection, PDF files may take some time to open so try the DOCX (Word 2007) file instead. If you don’t have Word 2007 or greater, you will have to download the PDF file.

If when printing the form a message appears – the margins are set outside the printable area – click Yes to continue.